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Here you’ll find insights, tools, and methods to be a leader fit for the future. You know – being a good leader is one of the most important jobs you can have. The way you perform your leadership have great impact – on many levels. We hope what we share will inspire you and fill you with energy so you are ready to go out there and bring it on. You’re on an important mission. And we’re with you all the way.

Imagine a day at work when you are amazed by the result and effectiveness of every meeting you have. When the people on your team are actually engaged, excited and even surprise you with their creative ideas and solutions. There is laughter in the office, a positive buzz in the [...]
Thu, Nov 27, 2014
We're facing a paradigm shift in the corporate world these days and in order to meet the changes ahead things need to be done differently. And it all starts with the leaders. Girls, you know there are moments in time when you should raise your hand. The requirements for being a [...]
Thu, Nov 20, 2014
Once in a while it's like a cascade of things happening, making you feel totally miserable. You feel like you are sinking into an ocean of trouble, and when you think it is not possible that anything more can happen – that's exactly what happens… We're not talking about minor things. [...]
Wed, Oct 15, 2014
Sometimes you can feel it immediately. This “something” that is hard to explain, but so easy to feel. A “something” which is part of the culture, and the basis for how we behave. For the good and the bad. We've been in New York City for a few days. And the [...]
Thu, Oct 09, 2014

About Us:

We are Kristine Maudal and Even Fossen, founders of Brainwells, authors of the blog LeadershipCourageFun and creators of the online program FutureLeadershipNow. We've been leaders ourselves for many years, and now work internationally training ambitious executive teams. Our mantra is that good (and even great) leadership is what changes everything in this world. We LOVE to share our thoughts and experiences on how to be a leader able to lead changes ahead. It's all here for you to start using. Enjoy!

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The “FutureLeadershipNow!” program is designed for young and ambitious leaders. You want to succeed, but in a good way. You are not willing to sacrifice the care of others on your way to the top. You are also humble enough to know that you need to mix your already achieved knowledge and experience with a new set of leadership skills to be fit for the future. The program consist of two part – the first one is FREE and available for all. Check out this short video, or click here to learn more about FutureLeadershipNow!